A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Collect the cake for the New Year's dinner!

This game was made for the Weekly Game Jam 234!
All pixel art is made by me and inspired by games such as Minecraft.

How to play

You need to collect the cake and reach the Objective Points, you can find rare and golden cakes scattered around the area by using special items!
Navigate your way through the map with coordinates and find the nearest cake to collect it!


Me - Making the game & the pixel art.
Jeremy Blake - Made the non copyright music!
sfxr - Tool used for making simple sound effects.

Install instructions


Download the ZIP file from the downloads area in this page and unzip it using a tool such as WinZIP or 7zip. Then open the .exe file with the name "Collectin'" and enjoy the game!


I currently don't know how to install a Unity game on Linux since I do not use it but I will soon update this with the correct instructions.


Collectin' Windows.zip 28 MB
Collectin' Linux 44 MB

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